The Femma Approach

Femma takes a multidisciplinary approach to health. Whether you require prescription orders, over-the-counter products, lifestyle education or a tailored combination of all three, Femma seeks to work with you to achieve even your toughest of health goals.

How it works

Start your consultation to create a profile.

When you start a text-based consultation, Femma will create a patient profile for you.


Complete your consultation for review.

Your GP specialising in women’s health will review your health history and recommend clinical and holistic treatment options to alleviate and manage your symptoms long-term.


Receive treatment options.

Based on your consultation, your plan will be tailored to your symptoms and preferences. The treatment plan may include a prescription or medication, over the counter products, specialist referrals, and lifestyle information.


Start your treatment plan.

After you’re set on your treatment plan, we organise all your relevant prescriptions, lifestyle programmes and more to make sure we stay on the top of your health goals.


Get ongoing support & progress.

Manage your symptoms and stay on-track with your health goals, get ongoing support through text and video consultations that work with your schedule, and adjust your care plan and medication as needed.



  • Text-based GP Consultation
  • Doctor Messaging
  • Treatment Plan
  • Prescription
  • Pharmacy and OTC
  • Pathology
$39 one off

Access text-based consultations with GP specialists who have additional qualifications in women’s health. Receive prescriptions from doctors, access an online pharmacy and purchase your prescription and evidence based over the counter products, all conveniently delivered to your door.


  • Community Q & A
  • Care Team Messaging
  • OTC Pharmacy Shop
  • Educational Content, Inc Yoga, PT, Nutrition, Physio
  • Lifestyle Programs
$9.99 per month

A lifestyle membership includes access to all features for proactive and supportive ongoing care.View specialised diet, nutrition, yoga and physiotherapy content on demand and learn more about conditions and symptoms via expert advisory webinars and explainer videos.

  • Community Q & A
  • Community Support Messaging
  • OTC Pharmacy Shop

A community membership is an introduction to your ongoing healthcare journey. Follow topics in the community, seek guidance from the support team and access the shop for over-the-counter products.

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