Although common, changes in our hair quality can really impact our self-confidence. Femma is here to help women experiencing changes in their hair with lifestyle and treatment options designed for you.


Throughout life we experience many changes which can affect our hair. Hair loss is common, occurring in 49% of women throughout life, so if this is your concern, you are not alone. Conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, life events such as child birth, transitions such as menopause and even family history can all affect hair growth. Hair problems can be hidden by no longer going to the hairdressers or even socialising and this adversely impacts mental wellbeing.

Having a safe place to talk about hair concerns is so important. In fact, it is the first step in exploring how to break free from the shackles of shame and embarrassment.

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Hair Management

Similar to skin, hair is impacted in various ways as our hormones change during life. Your symptoms need to be understood in the context of your overall health and stage of life to determine how best to help.

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Hair Treatment

Whether you are experiencing excess hair or hair loss, we will build a management plan to achieve your hair goals

  • Hair loss
  • Excess hair


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