Sleep & Fatigue

Life can be exhausting, and we are all familiar with feeling run down. However, if it has become a regular experience it may have a longer-term impact on your health. Femma will assist you with a tailored sleep and fatigue plan, that will help you get back to restful nights.

Sleep & Fatigue

If you struggle to sleep or experience daytime fatigue, it will eventually have a big impact upon your overall sense of health and wellbeing. Difficulties often start without really noticing. We often put it down to acute stress, life events or even shift work and initially accept and almost expect it. When it becomes a daily problem, it develops into a malevolent force of its own. The good news is that we can overcome sleep problems. It is a process involving commitment and lifestyle changes and sometimes short courses of medication.

Just as these problems develop gradually, they also take time to improve as we retrain our bodies into a new way of living.

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Sleep & Fatigue Management

Your management plan will be grounded in best evidence and individualised with an understanding of how poor sleep and fatigue impact upon your life, with a focus upon long term goals.

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Sleep & Fatigue Treatment

Life is busy and sometimes we feel fatigued or can struggle to sleep. Even knowing where to begin is a challenge. We can help.

  • Sleep initiation problems
  • Sleep maintenance problems
  • Feeling alert
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